College Concerts – A Host’s Guide

Alesso performing at Trinity College, Spring 2013
Alesso performing at Trinity College, Spring 2013

Spring is a time when concerts take place in abundance on college campuses nationwide. Hundreds to even thousands of Greek organizations and college entertainment committees play host to concerts of varying scales during this time each year. Hosting an event of this stature takes a lot of planning and attention to detail in order for it to run smoothly. With many moving parts involved, there is certainly a lot of room for error. In this article, we’ve outlined some useful strategies and tips that can help you avoid these issues and make your next concert a smashing success.

Booking Talent

Booking artist(s) to play at your event might be the most crucial first step in planning a concert. Once you have your talent locked, then you can plan the rest of your event logistics with more ease and peace of mind. Make sure to do your research on prospective artists well in advance of the event date, and give yourself enough time to sort out the details with whichever artist you decide to book. The biggest mistake you can make is waiting until a couple weeks before your event to reach out to artists. Normally, you have to connect with an artist’s booking agent first to check for availability and booking price. The process of officially securing an artist via written contract can take anywhere between a week and a month, so give yourself enough time!

If you’re having difficulty finding the contact information for an artist, here’s a helpful tip: check out their SoundCloud page. Many artists will include their agent and/or manager’s contact information in their bio. If the artist you desire isn’t on SoundCloud, there is a high possibility that you can find their management’s contact info online by simply Googling it.


The production of a show, i.e. the sound/staging/lighting, is an often overlooked element in concert planning. You can have a great artist lined up to play, but if you don’t have the right production in place, your event will suffer immensely. Most artists will provide a “technical rider”, which includes the minimum sound and technical equipment needed for them to perform. It is crucial to meet these requirements. Beyond this, it all depends on your budget and how much you’re willing to spend. There are countless production companies out there from which you can rent all of the necessary equipment for your show. Again, use the internet as your resource! A great company to use in the New England area is Power Posse Productions – they have years of experience in providing grade A production services for college events.


In the introduction, we mentioned that a lot can go wrong at a concert. We were not joking. More often than not, this comes down to security, or the lack thereof. As a host, you are fully liable for the hundreds or even thousands of people attending your event, so you must take all the necessary precautions to make sure it’s as secure as possible. Colleges can provide security personnel, local police, and EMTs on site – make sure to use these resources! If you’re hosting an event at your frat, for example, don’t forget to communicate with your college administration about security measures. There is simply too much at stake to abandon these responsibilities, for both parties. The last thing your Greek organization or school wants is to be on the bad end of a news headline!

Artist Hospitality

Part of being a good host is achieving a solid level of hospitality for your artist(s). In addition to the previously mentioned “tech rider”, most recognized artists will provide a “hospitality rider”, which includes a list of minimum requirements that need to be met. These are usually food and beverage choices, towels and other small miscellaneous items. Abiding by the rider will ensure that your artist is happy and prepared to play at your event. If the artist requests a “hospitality room”, definitely make sure it’s clean and presentable. This all might seem trivial, but it’s important and will help your event run without a hitch!


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Thank you for reading, and we hope that this guide will be of help in your future endeavors as a concert host. Make sure to stay up to date with more event news and planning tips in the Tikkit Blog!

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